Coorg: Monsoon Trails & Charming Stays

I love travelling through the Western Ghats in the monsoon.The greenery is mind blowing, the waterfalls are majestic and everything comes alive. Yes the leeches come alive too, but what's life without a little pinch of salt :) 

Eager to explore the famous coffee land of India, I set out to wander through Coorg as part of my two week long journey through Karnataka and Kerala. Below, I've put together some highlights from my journey to feed your wanderlust and inspire you to pack your bags and set out to explore India's gorgeous coffee country!

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Walking along Coorg's quaint country-side

During my time in Coorg, it rained day and night but that didn't stop me from strolling through Coorg's lush paddy fields and experiencing its slow village life. I spent some time sitting by the Kaveri River and just feeling the beauty of the monsoons all around. Locals who were passing by were more than generous with their smiles and questions about what I was doing all alone in this quaint village. My answer: Discovering little secrets of India to share with fellow wanderers. They were all very pleased with my responses and look forward to welcoming you all into their humble lives :) 

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Discovering unexplored waterfalls

In the monsoons, Coorg is full of waterfalls. There are the known touristy ones, but I didn't need to go there. I found this hidden treasure during one of my walks and just sat there for hours!

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Experiencing beautiful homestays

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I stayed at a bunch of places during my time in Coorg. Some were excellent, some not so good, but I'm glad I experienced it all, as now I know where and where not to send travellers.

Below I'm featuring two homestays that were the highlight of my journey.
Highly recommend both these experiences for travellers looking to explore a quainter, more hidden side of Coorg. 

I. An authentic Coorgi Homestay

The gracious hosts - Sandeep and his mom.

The gracious hosts - Sandeep and his mom.

Owned and run by a lovely Coorgi family, this homestay was an absolute delight and an authentic homestay experience. The house has 3 bedrooms to offer, two of which are attached to the main house and one that is a separate unit adjacent to the house. There is also a 4 bedroom independent cottage for bigger groups. 

The decor is tasteful and very charming all around the house. While the main house is more traditional in its structure and decor, the independent room and the cottage are a fusion of local art and souvenirs collected by the guests from their travels around the world. 


The little quirks collected by the hosts from their travels all around the world. The inviting pool and the estate walks. The beautiful open-air dining area and the delicious home cooked meals. Special kudos to aunties homemade chicken lollipops! 

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II. A luxury boutique homestay

Rani, happiest amidst the peace and serenity of her home.

Rani, happiest amidst the peace and serenity of her home.

Home to K.K and Rani Aiyappa, the luxury boutique homestay is one of the most beautiful homes I've ever experienced. The indoor and outdoor spaces are a beautiful reflection of their great taste and every nook and cranny is a place to stand and stare, sit and reflect, relax and soak in peace, beauty and calm.

The estate has 2 bedrooms in the main house and 2 stand alone cottages. An outdoor dining area and a magical garden right out of a fairytale. The place was so beautiful that everywhere I pointed the camera, the frame was perfect!

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The lush and abundant flower filled gardens. Wherever I looked, beautiful little flowers smiled back at me :)  I really loved the minimalistic, yet rich decor of the house. Each and every corner was so aesthetically pleasing, especially the dining area. Lastly, I loved the sweet conversations I had with Rani, the tiny glass of paddy wine I shared with her husband and the freshly baked walnut cake with filter coffee.

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luxury estate stay coorg

Thanks to my lovely hosts at the homestays for welcoming me into their homes with so much warmth and love. Hope to visit again soon and send many wanderbugs to experience the same beauty I did :)

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