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What to explore in Goa
ashwem beach goa

As I lay on the beach, watching a beautiful spectacle of shooting stars at Ashwem Beach in Goa, I realised that all my journeys are like these bright, vibrant lights in the sky. 

The journey is as exciting as seeing a shooting star; it is bright, vibrant and full of life; and it all comes to an end in the blink of an eye-lid, giving rise to the anticipation for the next one. It's a beautiful, never-ending fascination :)

Another realisation I had during this journey to Goa was that Goa is not just a destination, it is a state of mind - A state of heightened sensations, with or without Hoffmann's dose. It is a lifestyle that encourages just being, feeling and loving each and every moment of life.

And that is the ultimate way to experience Goa - Mornings waking up to the beautiful waters of Ashwem beach, saluting and thanking the sun for its existence, a refreshing dip in the sea, followed by an even more refreshing glass of fresh watermelon juice. A ride through its lush, characteristic roads, walking its quaint trails and watching life flow calmly and stress-free. This, to me is Goa!

If you love the lifestyle that I described above, here's a list of some highlights from my recent trip to Goa. Hope I can inspire you to experience it's magic too! 

1. Watch the sunset at different beaches in Goa

Goan sunsets are absolutely mesmerising and the best part is that they are different based on where you watch them from. Some of my favourite beachy sunsets in Goa have been at Anjuna, Ashwem and Vagator beach. Next time you're in Goa, get on your scooty and experience the setting sun from different beaches :)

vagator beach sunset
ashwem beach sunset

2. Star gaze at Ashwem Beach

what to explore in ashwem goa

By far, my favourite beach in Goa. Located in the north, far away from the bustling streets of Baga, Anjuna and Calangute, Ashwem is a sweet little paradise ideal for the shanti and calm lover. Charming beach shacks, from basic to luxurious ones, a super chilled out vibe, inviting sun beds all around the beach and some great shacks that serve fresh, delicious food. As the sun sets, the star-lit sky slowly unveils its magic. Pick your beach bed and wait patiently as all the lights on the beach go out. And then be ready for a beautiful spectacle of shining, shooting stars! 

3. Take a journal to Goa 

ashwem beach goa hidden secrets

If experienced slowly, you'll realise that Goa can inspire you like few other places can. Inspire you to connect with yourself and with the universe. It's a place that can put you at ease and allow those creative juices to flow. I've had some of my deepest revelations and made some of my best doodles under the star-lit skies of Ashwem beach over the last few years. 

4. Stay at one of these hip, chic and earthy shacks right on the beach

ashwem beach goa hotels

Goa has a plethora of accommodation for every kind of travellers. But for those who enjoy the slower pace of life and like to experience charming and off the beaten track stays, then you have to get yourself one of these chic and earthy beach shacks!

ashwem beach hotels goa
ashwem beach goa hotels
ashwem beach goa luxury beach shack
ashwem beach hidden secrets

This trip to Goa was truly inspiring and soul-stirring for me and I hope I've inspired you to experience its magic too! Get in touch with me at kritika@wanderbug.in to plan your soulful sojourn through Goa :)