These beautiful ladies from Costa Rica visited India in October, 2016. They travelled through the country for fifteen days and explored Delhi, Rajasthan, Agra, Amritsar and Mumbai. It was an absolute pleasure meeting them and planning their journey :)

These beautiful ladies from Costa Rica visited India in October, 2016. They travelled through the country for fifteen days and explored Delhi, Rajasthan, Agra, Amritsar and Mumbai. It was an absolute pleasure meeting them and planning their journey :)

In the last FIVE years of running The Wanderbug, I have had the fortune to plan travel for some beautiful wanderers.

Whether its been wanderers in India seeking to explore its hidden magic, or travellers from around the world looking to explore the myriad facets of India, each and every journey that I have planned has been so enriching and fulfilling.

All the different travellers I have worked with have given me the assurance that I am on the absolute right path - the path of sharing India's beauty with fellow wanderers, and planning and executing seamless journeys for them :)


This is what fellow wanderbugs have to say about their experiences WITH THE WANDERBUG

Raakhee’s view from her balcony at Nurla, Ladakh

Raakhee’s view from her balcony at Nurla, Ladakh

Raakhee travelled with me to Ladakh this summer and absolutely loved her experience. She travelled through some of the remotest parts of the region and this is what she has to say about her journey through the majestic land of Ladakh!

I recently took a solo trip to Ladakh with The Wanderbug. From the time I decided on this trip, I barely had 2 days to finalise everything and get my itinerary in place. I knew about Kritika for quite some time and instinctively knew I had to reach out to her. I am so glad I did that. Such meticulous planning, on the budget, and so personalised.

My plan was for 10 days and I must say that my time in Ladakh was the most beautiful time of my life. Since I was a solo traveller, safety was on top priority and Kritika made sure that the driver, the car, the hotel stay was of topmost standards. I not for a once worried about my journey over the 10 day period. My itinerary was perfect and tailor made for my likes, and all of her recommendations were absolutely amazing!!

Ladakh is all about the journey and not the destination. So allow yourself to soak in the moments and let your soul wander away. Who else but with the amazing "Wanderbug" to make that happen for you! Thank you Kritika and look forward to more such journeys with you :)

- Raakhee Kulkarni, July, 2018

Jean, Agah and Febah loving the mountains of India!

Jean, Agah and Febah loving the mountains of India!

Jean, Agah and Febah, three ladies from London, travelled with me through the North of India, covering Himachal Pradesh over a span of two weeks. This is what they had to say about their wanderings with The Wanderbug :)

" A group of three from London struck with wanderlust planned a dream trip to India to see for real the beauty of the mountains in Himachal Pradesh. We had been following the Wanderbug on Instagram and her travel feed looked lovely, like a dream, inspiring us to travel to all the places she had been to.

We got in touch over e-mail and she helped us plan out our entire two week trip. Meet the chief Wanderbug, Kritika, the super professional and sweet person who is amazing at her job! She was very meticulous when it came to providing all the information and super caring when it came to checking we got to the homestays safe and had no issues.

We are already thinking of our next trip and would love to use her services again without a doubt! For planning your dream trips, please contact this wonderful person and she'll sort you out with fairytale homestays to hassle free transportation to cafes serving mouth watering food for the soul.”

- Jean, Agah and Febah - March, 2018

Makenzie and her older sister Debbie enjoying themselves at an elephant camp near Jaipur

Makenzie and her older sister Debbie enjoying themselves at an elephant camp near Jaipur

Makenzie and her sister, Debbie travelled through India over two weeks covering Delhi, Varanasi, Agra and Rajasthan. They were a pleasure to work with and I learnt so much from their research about India. Thanks for choosing The Wanderbug to plan your journey through India, ladies :) 

" Kritika, I have finally arrived home and am missing India already!  I cannot express how grateful I am for all your help along this amazing journey.  I know that we can be very high maintenance sometimes and I so appreciate your patience and your detailed planning which in the end, helped us out tremendously. 

Without you this trip would have been a disaster, but with your love and guidance everything ran so smoothly.  I also so appreciate the thoughtful gift of the prayer flags which I have already hung out in my garden. 

I will 100% refer you to people I know who are traveling to India.  You have such a gift and are such a lovely person.  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.  I hope you have a wonderful life!"

- Makenzie Darling - October, 2016

Mom and daughter love moment in the Kumaon Hills :)

Mom and daughter love moment in the Kumaon Hills :)

Abhishek, Neilu and their nine year old daughter, Amrapali visited the Kumaon Hills in the summer. Their journey was exciting, fun and beautiful, and this is what they have to say about it....

" Thank you Kritika for planning this wonderful holiday for us! This is exactly what we were looking for; three days of honest good natured hospitality. What we got was not pretentious 5 star luxury, but a more real, more earthy and evidently more memorable experience. The long walks through the wilderness, the sprawling rooms and the home style cooking all made for a great stay. 

Thank you for your pro-activeness and efficient planning. Hoping you can find us many more such hideaways in the future! All the very best... Keep Wandering!" 

- Abhishek Makhija - June, 2016

The Wander-women in Kasauli :)

The Wander-women in Kasauli :)

Elina and nine of her friends from Bangalore, Calcutta and all around the country were seeking a quiet, luxurious and charming getaway in the mountains for a few days of serenity and quality time with one another.

" I came across the Wanderbug's website while searching for ideas for a serene mountain getaway and instantly fell in love with the wonderful list of properties curated by Kritika. I got in touch with her to plan this getaway for ten of us and what a great idea!

Kritika is an extremely efficient and organised person and it was a pleasure travelling with her. All the way from suggesting the right stay experience for us to her execution of the trip, everything was flawless! Beautiful property, great drivers, excellent food and quiet, mountain surroundings. Just what we wanted!

If you want a custom planned holiday without the hassle of getting everything done yourself, please choose Kritika and be ready for a beautiful, hassle-free experience! "

- Elina Da Silva - May, 2016

Alex wandering through Jaipur

Alex wandering through Jaipur

Alexandra from Costa Rica had been fascinated by India for a long time. The moment she got a few days off work, she decided to hop on a plane and make her way here. I helped her plan her trip through Delhi, Rajasthan and Agra. 

"I loved working with Kritika! She had just one day to plan my trip and did a superb job! She immediately understood the kind of things that I wanted to see and planned it accordingly.

Planning my trip to India with her made it all seem so easy because everything was perfectly coordinated and, as a young woman traveling alone, she made sure I was safe throughout my journey. She was always available to help out or answer any questions and I never felt alone at any point during the entire trip.

Whenever I go to India again (for sure I will), I have no doubt she'll be there for me again. Totally recommend her!! "

- Alexandra Arce - April, 2016

Suksham and Davinder enjoying themselves in Allepey, Kerala

Suksham and Davinder enjoying themselves in Allepey, Kerala

Mrs. Suksham and Mr. Davinder Jaaj are two of my favourite wanderers! They travel with me every year and each and every journey that I have planned for them has been as fun and exciting for me as for them. Thank you for your continuous support and encouragement Mr. and Mrs. Jaaj :) 

Davinder and I seem to have got addicted to your organisational skills, Kritika. Kerala was our second experience with you after Leh and Ladakh and I must say both my trips with you have been excellent journeys. 

You made sure our trip to Kerala was memorable. Whether it was web check-ins on flights, the superb stays away from the crowds, the taxi service or suggestions for local sightseeing, everything was wonderfully done!

All the accommodation you picked for us deserves special mention. The gorgeous tea estate in Munnar was a wish come true for us. It was exclusive, away from the crowds and absolutely stunning. The private beach villa you booked for us in Marari was also exceptionally beautiful and the highlight of our trip. 

Thank you for taking so much care in planning with such precision keeps our needs in mind! We love travelling with you!"

- Suksham and Davindar Jaaj - February, 2016

Priyanka and her son enjoying a hearty breakfast at their boutique stay in Munnar, Kerala.

Priyanka and her son enjoying a hearty breakfast at their boutique stay in Munnar, Kerala.

Priyanka, Sankalp and their little boy set out to explore the magic of Kerala over a 10 day journey. This is what they have to say about wandering with The Wanderbug.

"I reached out to Kritika to help us plan a holiday, the first we were going on with our 18-month old toddler. The stays handpicked by Kritika were beautiful, offbeat (not the usual touristy, commercialised ones) and made for unique stay experiences. 

During the course of our holiday, we had some hiccups (transport strike, health issues) which forced us to change travel plans overnight. Kritika was extremely prompt & efficiently managed to co-ordinate with the hotels and transport team & reworked our plans very smoothly.

As a travel planner, Kritika is well-researched, does her homework, has unique travel ideas & is very particular about ensuring the experience is top-notch and to the client's expectations. I would definitely recommend her to my friends & acquaintances and look forward to planning more holidays with her in the future."

- Priyanka and Sankalp - September, 2015

Arushi and her parents shining bright in Ladakh :)

Arushi and her parents shining bright in Ladakh :)

Arushi travelled to Ladakh with her family over a 10 days journey with the main aim of reconnecting with her parents and showing them a good time in Ladakh. I helped her plan this journey and this is what she has to say...

" Kritika, I want to thank you, not for planning a trip, but more for helping me reconnect with my family. I am so grateful to you for giving my parents and I an experience that wont just die with the trip, but one which we will cherish in times to come.

You have no idea the number of times we said to each other “It was the perfect decision to ask Kritika to help us plan this trip, not some commercial travel planner”. I loved how thoughtfully you had planned out each detail, how you customized the trip after taking the trouble to understand us: what we are really looking for from those 10 days, and accommodating every small thing that each of us wanted to do. A special thank you for arranging coffee for my mum on a cliff! 

Cherry on the cake?  Your transparent way of working is commendable and depicts your passion for the work instead of a commercial drive"

- Arushi Juneja - May, 2015

A gorgeous picture of Aru Valley taken by Priya

A gorgeous picture of Aru Valley taken by Priya

Priya and her friends travelled to Kashmir in 2014. They all had a lovely time and this is what they have to say...

"I'm a control freak when it comes to travel. I need to have a grip on every aspect when I'm travelling. It's, thus, difficult for me to give up that control & bank on someone else.

But, with kritika, this never happens. She knows exactly what I want & goes the extra mile to provide that. My every whim & fancy is taken care of by her. My second trip with her, to kashmir, was yet another delightful journey that I undertook.

Right from the places to visit, to the accommodation to put up at, to the places to see, to the vehicle to take care of the group of eight, she'd all figured out to the last detail. Never for a moment had I felt that there was something amiss or that something was being thrust upon us. Thanks for another beautiful journey, Kritika!"

-Priya Singh - September, 2014

A beautiful image captured by Aaditya

A beautiful image captured by Aaditya

Aaditya, a fellow wanderer travelled through Ladakh in 2014. This is how he feels about his journey. 

" What does it take for a drifting heart to find peace? A night under the stars, a cup of hot soup and a companion to share stories with? Or does it take a dream that it can hold on to? I wanted a dream; a fortnight wandering in mystical Ladakh!

I usually don’t let other people plan my travels because I always want things exactly as I see them. But what Wanderbug offered me was beyond imagination. It wasn’t just about the perfect home-stays or the perfect campsites, or the best imaginable local coordinator or the best ever driver. I got all of this and much more.

I got a chance to tick off a name from my Travel Bucket list without having to move a toe. I was given a journey, with every moment exactly the way I imagined it. It was not only one of the most comfortable and effortless travel experiences, but also a lesson on how to plan one. Thank you, Kritika :) "

-Aaditya Vaze - September, 2014

Erick in Pushkar, Rajasthan

Erick in Pushkar, Rajasthan

Erick, a fellow wanderer from Costa Rica wandered through India for almost a month. This is what he has to say about his experience with The Wanderbug.

"I recently had one of the most wonderful vacations, and The Wanderbug made it possible! Being an India specialist, Kritika carefully crafted a program that met all my needs, expectations, and budget. Communication was fluent between us, either by e-mail, whatsapp or Skype, and she was always receptive about my comments and requests.

At each place, hotel managers and staff were warm and welcoming, and they often asked me about Kritika, which shows that she had spent time interacting with them, giving instructions and making sure that she was choosing the best service providers, while gaining their trust and support.

This 25 day journey has been one of my most memorable journeys abroad and I can't wait to return to India with The Wanderbug!"

- Erick Vargas Campos -  August, 2014

Angelique and Maite wandering through India

Angelique and Maite wandering through India

Angelique and Maite, two wandering french ladies who made their way to India in December truly enjoyed their Indian journey and left India with a desire to return.

"We came to India for a wedding and having travelled all the way from France, we didn't want to leave without exploring some of the beautiful aspects of this country. Our friend advised us to contact The Wanderbug and what a great experience it's been to meet someone like friendly, efficient and helpful! 

She planned our journey all the way from Bhopal to Delhi visiting Khajurao, Jaipur, Pushkar and Agra. We stayed at homestays and small boutique hotels that were very personal and gave us a chance to interact with some local cultures. Every detail of our trip was planned according to our wishes and our budget...and it was fantastic! Love and luck for The Wanderbug. Can't wait for out next visit to India!! "

-Angelique and Maite - July, 2014

Aninda and his family in Gulamrg, Kashmir

Aninda and his family in Gulamrg, Kashmir

Aninda travelled to Kashmir with his family in the summer of 2014 and I carefully planned and executed this trip for him. He returned with beautiful memories and lots of great stories! 

"We had our expectations set and were looking for someone who would execute it all for us - Luxurious accommodation, comfortable hassle free journey, great places for sightseeing, good food and in short 10 days of complete relaxation.

The execution of the trip was flawless. Just one minor setback at the hotel in Pahalgam, but one phone call to the manager from Madam K, and everything was back in order.

Kritika's pro-activeness and ability to plan journeys is admirable and so refreshing. Her passion for travel and helping people was evident in every conversation with her. She was as excited as is to plan this trip for us. 

Kritika, my sincere thanks to you for making our trip such a memorable experience. Believe me when I say this - this trip was better than many a foreign holidays that I have taken. Thank you for creating such a great memory for all of us. "

-Aninda Palit - May, 2014

If all these traveller testimonials have inspired the wanderer in you, get in touch with me to plan your beautifully curated journey through India :)