Ladakh: Going off the beaten track

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Known for it's vast barren landscapes, high passes, monasteries and stunning lakes, Ladakh is one of the most sought out summer destinations in India. Most people who travel to Ladakh definitely have Leh, Nubra valley and Pangong lake in their itineraries, but many of them leave Ladakh without exploring some of it's most hidden and unique experiences. The Wanderbug brings you a few beautiful secrets of Ladakh. 

Alchi - 60 kms from Leh

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On the south bank of the Indus in Ladakh, facing a great trade and invasion route to the north, lies Alchi, a repository of magnificent Buddhist wall paintings and clay sculptures that have survived for over 800 years.

Situated 60 km away from Leh, the village of Alchi is famous for its isolation and significant Himalayan heritage. It is also home to one of the oldest monasteries in Ladakh.

Spend your days wandering around the monastery or take a walk to the river. Adventure junkies can explore the trek from Alchi to Lamayuru, known for its majestic path and moonscapes. Alchi has a few homestays where you can spend the night and experience rural Ladakhi culture and hospitality. 

Turtuk - 170 kms from Nubra Valley

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This is by far, one of the most charming villages of Ladakh. Known as the last beautiful frontier, Turtuk lies a few kilometers away from the India-Pakistan border. 

As you drive from Nubra to Turtuk, you experience a subtle change in people, faces, and cultures. You almost feel like you are in Kashmir or some remote village in Pakistan. The tibetan monasteries and buddhist statues are slowly taken over by men dressed in pathani suits and women is salwar-kameez. It's a very beautiful change to experience within the same state. 

The local tribe, Balti, follows its age old customs in their lifestyle and speak a language which is just spoken and not written. Turtuk is the place to be for wanderers seeking a rich cultural and rural experience. 

There are various stay options in Turtuk, mainly small home-stays and locally run guest-houses. You will have a trek for about 10-15 minutes to reach these home-stays that are nestled between vast mountains and apricot orchards. 

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