The Lake-side Camp is a charming campsite nestled amidst a lush plot of land near Pawana lake. The camp offers its travellers stunning views, spacious and comfortable tents, heart-warming hospitality and an excellent overall experience. It is a must visit for nature lovers seeking a quick and adventurous weekend getaway.

Surrounded by lush fields and orchards, with lime green pastures, gorgeous skies, and stunning landscape, the campsite is a refreshing change from our otherwise busy lives. 

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The campsite is the creation of a sweet family from Mumbai. The owners, Annabelle and Clement, run a homestay on the same plot and have added the campsite as a new addition to their land. 

While the homestay has been operational for a few years now, the owners felt the need to create another experience which would allow travellers to be even closer to nature and allow them to cater to more people as the homestay has limited space. With that idea in mind, they setup the Lake-side Camp and welcome small groups of friends and families looking to connect with nature and spend a few days amidst beautiful surroundings. 

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The campsite can easily accommodate about 10 tents. Based on the requirement of the group, the staff sets up the tents accordingly. Each tent is airy and spacious, comes with a comfortable mattress with pillows, sleeping bags for extra comfort, a small light and a blanket to keep you warm at night. 

There are proper toilets and showers located a few steps away from the tents, making this campsite extra comfortable. There is also a fire-pit on the property where you can make a fire, sit around at night and enjoy the star-studded sky!

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exclusive campsite pawna maharashtra
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There are six care-takers at the campsite, headed under the supervision of Raju, who also manages the homestay on the property. All the staff is local from the village and it's wonderful to see how they enjoy learning about hospitality and serving guests at the campsite. Whether it's cooking up some yummy meals for you, or making a bonfire in the evening, the staff is ever ready to help and make sure you have fun!

All their efforts combine to make your camping experience hassle-free, comfortable and full of yummy local delights such as Misal Pav and Chicken Curry :) 




The Lake-Side Camp is located in Pawana, Maharashtra.

By Road: 

1.5 hrs from Pune ; 2.5 - 3 hrs from Mumbai.
By Train: 
Nearest station is in Pune, 1.5 hrs away
By Air:
Nearest airport is Pune, 2 hrs away.

Groups of friends and families, travellers looking for off-beat corporate outings. The campsite can accommodate upto 20 travellers easily. 

Pretty much all year round. Summers might be a bit hot, but the lake is right there for a quick dip!

Rs. 3,000 per adult per day inclusive of all meals
Rs. 2,000 for kids under 12 per day inclusive of all meals


The Lake-side Camp is an ideal place for slow travellers as well as adventure junkies and activity seekers

For travellers who like to take it slow and relax, there are various outdoor spots that act as lovely reading spaces. If you like to have a soulful start to the day, find yourself a spot overlooking the hills and lake for a relaxing yoga session. The evenings are perfect to sit back and enjoy the star-studded sky!

A five minute walk from the camp and you will be surrounded by lush green mountains, quaint villages and a serene lake side where you can have a nice cup of tea or just stroll along. 

For activity seekers, there's lots to do as well. There are some spots nearby where you can go kayaking in the lake, visit some ancient Buddhist caves or make your way to Lonavala. 


As a result of my travels to the campsite, I have been able to build a great relationship with the owners and work out a fantastic deal for you! The property offers an exclusive BBQ dinner to all Wanderbugs who wish to experience its beauty. 

You can avail of this offer by mentioning 'Wanderbug' to your hosts at the time of booking. 

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